Inside Look: Kaya Turski

For those of you that don’t know who Kaya is I’ll give a bit of background on her. At just 14 years old she turned ASA Pro, and continued to dominate Womens Rollerblading, street and park. She would reach the podium in pro Men events, and put out street sections that would put most men to shame. At the age of 17 she discovered skiing (thanks to D-Structure selling both rollerblades and twin tip ski’s). After working a job at two Subway locations she saved up just enough money to work on her skiing in Whistler. Within the year she signed her first pro contract. At age 28, she has now been a professional athlete for half of her life.

After skating, We had a late lunch and talked about a few things.

So you and I always grab Lebanese food, how do you rate the Montreal Lebanese food?

Lebanese food is delicious in Montreal! Food in general is delicious… just because Montreal is such a intimate city, its a melting pot and everything is in close proximity. Only when I started traveling to different cities in North America I realized how good we really have it in Montreal, on how ethnically and cultural diverse it is – with that comes a lot of great cuisine. (laughs) It’s true man, its so good, we’ve got it so good here.

So your moving from LA to Vancouver, what’s going on with that?

Well I moved to LA 3 years ago, I had the beach itch, and after 3 years I’ve decided to come back to Canada. So I’m making the move… I wanted to stay on the west coast, I love the active, healthy vibe, and the mild climate. I just wanted to move north back to my home country, since I spend a lot of time in whistler and Squamish and train with the Canadian ski team.

So will you be skating a lot in Vancouver?

I’d like to, I’m going to reach out, you just invited me to the Vancouver Rollerblading Facebook group. Just got on my skates this morning for the first time in forever, and it feels amazing. It’s like I get this high, and it brings back right back to 15 years ago, my first big life.


So your skating Seba skates now, how did that happen?

I reached out to Seba, just because my buddy Matt G, the interviewer, raved about them. I wanted a skate that was versatile, not just an aggressive skate, but something I could just cruise around my spot in Cali. So I reached out to Anthony, and we communicated back and forth, and at some point last year team Seba was in LA for a skate trip so I met up with the crew, and they hooked me up with a pair of FX skates. They’re perfect, I love them! I also use them to cross train for skiing, jumping into the foam pit at Woodward. I learned some cool stuff in them this spring, tricks that I would have never learned without rollerblading, so its like my secret weapon on the mountain. It’s fun to cross worlds like that.

What do you do when people in the ski industry trash talk your rollerblading background?

(Laughs) I don’t know, it doesn’t even bug me anymore. A lot of people have respect for me once they have seen my skating, but at the same time some people still tease and you just learn to brush it off – people just don’t get it. But you know what? I was thinking about something funny earlier, on how I am a minority in a few ways: Firstly, I’m a girl in a male dominated action sports world, so already I’m a massive minority, then I’m a skier, which is sometimes hated on by other sports, some people don’t see it as as “cool” as snowboarding or skateboarding, then to top it off, I’m a rollerblader, which from a lot of sports is ragged on… and I freaking love it. I think its the coolest thing ever, I embrace it, I rock it. Some of my best memories are from back in the day, skating with the boys, and I owe so much of what I’ve learned in my life to the sport. So when people tease me about it, in the end I just laugh because they have no idea.


Do you have anything ski related you can tell me?

Yeah actually, I’m going into a pretty heavy ski year next year, with the Olympic qualification process starting. I took 2 years off competing, and came back in the game this year, just because I needed some time to recheck myself, to reset the passion, and to heal my body. I felt like I had to pull out for a bit and come back on my terms, and I had a great season. I’m feeling excited for next season. This summer I’ll be training, but hopefully trying to take it sort of easy, because I know it’s going to be hectic going into next year.

You’re back in school, whats going on with that?

Well, I’m in school currently studying psychology, I want to become a sports/performance psychologist because that kind of stuff really fascinates me. I’m a big believer in mind over matter. I’m not just throwing that term around either, I really think its a massive component, especially in athletics, especially in creative action sports – I think we can all agree to some extent.

kayachillinKaya back in her roots, hanging on top of a quarter pipe

What was that snap chat story all about where you were racing cars in Australia?

I got to race NASCAR style cars in Aus with the GoPro crew. We were going around 170 (KM/H) on a really tight, curvy course. It was crazy! 

Has your traveling schedule been busy lately?

Well, recently, in one week I left Montreal, went to Toronto, did a mini marathon for RedBull (Wings For Life), flew to Aus for 4 days, flew to LA, then came back to Montreal exactly a week later. I did all that man! Lots of travel. 

Whats the next step in life for Kaya?

Well the next year and a half is going to be highly dedicated to my skiing and school, I want to finish my 60 credits into my university degree. I want to transfer to UBC (university of British Columbia) after the Olympics and continue school as I continue sport.

You’re a good student, straight A’s?

I’m a good student, I work hard for it. All A’s except for one class I got one B (laughs).

What class was that?

It was a online English class, wasn’t my jam. I work my butt off in school, it’s important to me, I know what I want to study so I really want to work hard at it. It’s a part of my future.

kAYAsav.jpgSavanah/AO Unity

Are you on Tinder?

Ohh Tinder.

What are you looking for on Tinder?

I’m looking for someone passionate, and thoughtful, cute, typically a female (laughs), yup thats it.


Age range 25-35 (we both start laughing). All types I guess, fit is important too.

Last winter you had some bad luck and broke your arm, what exactly went down?

Oh man, everything, I broke my finger too. It’s still a little messed up but healing well. Doctors say its never going to look totally like it did before. 8 pins in my arm, 8 pins in my finger. Guys, I’ve paid my dues okay? For everyone that thinks this is the glamour life, it is in many respects and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I’ve definitely paid my dues, and I’d like to think it shows my dedication to the sports I’ve been part of, ha!

(When travel comes up, Kaya playfully interrupts my question)

I went to four continents this year!

Four continents?

I think so, yeah 4 continents, I only missed South America. Also, it was the first time when I travelled around the world, I mean around the whole globe! I’ve travelled a lot but I’ve never actually went all the way around the world.  

Who are you favourite bladers?

Fabiola was always my favourite, Haffey of course, Aragon because he was so ridiculously on point.

Alright Kaya, thanks a lot for your time, I really appreciate you doing this.

My pleasure buddy.

Dan’s Last section

Dan and his lovely girlfriend Samantha are moving to Toronto, so Dan had the crew get together for one last 40oz and skate at Plaza.

theboysThe boys chilling near the end of the session

I really wanted to have one last skate with Dan, but I had to settle for the 40oz half because of a ankle injury I’m waiting to get over. So in the meantime I decided to bring my camera and tripod and test out a new lens I just bought.

maxp40ozFormer 40 God Max Poulet (please give me money Molson)

It was a cold spring day (high was 8 degrees in the day time, at dusk it was much colder), but Dan is everyones favourite dude to skate with so the core guys toughed it out to have a last 40oz and skate with Dan.

We are all going to miss Dan’s presence in Montreal, he was a core guy in our scene and he will be leaving a big hole in his absence. I wish Dan and Samantha the best of luck in this next step in their lives.

SOTA Montreal Premiere


Facebook Event For SOTA MTL Premiere

John Lee got in contact with Jonas Hansson and the guys at the Ritz PDB to get a Montreal screening for SOTA. It’s all planned out and were set to go. It’s a free event so come by and check out, arguably the best skate video ever made. We will also show Pitcher right before, so get pumped to see yourselves on the big screen.

If you guys don’t know who John Lee is, he has been in the scene for as long as I can remember, managed D-Structure, DJ’d at the Montreal Classic, IMYTA’s and has been a staple in the scene for years.

Also on the bill is Andy Clark, a Montreal indie rock icon who also happens to rollerblade. He will play a short acoustic set to make the mood right. Come out, see the video, enjoy yourself. No cover!

Night starts at 7 with some old school blade favorites to start it out right.

See yall there!




Montreal Blading 2015 Videos: Park and Street

Long time without any updates, and since the video’s are so long I’m going to make the text short. Enjoy our recollection of 2015, park and street.

Pitcher took me a long time to edit, and even longer to film. I wanted a mix of a bit of everything in Pitcher, skating, lifestyle, and ridiculous clips that make you scratch your head.  It took a long time to edit so I hope you guys enjoy.


Our park edit from 2015, skating all the parks in and around Montreal. Has a couple Profiles that you must see.

Park Edit Teaser

As time was passing over the last year and a half, we have been stacking footage of our sessions. Usually when we are skating , we are always too occupied with the obstacles that we want to conquer. I mostly take photo’s for the blog, but I have a passion for video as well. That being said I feel like I have gathered enough clips from park and street to make an edit of each . The first edit I will put out will be a park edit. It will feature everyone that visits, skates with us time to time, and the odd blader that drops into town. Both street and park edit’s will have a relaxed atmosphere, with lifestyle, skating, and random things that happen with the Montreal BladerGang, a close group of friends that share the same passion, the wonderful world that is Rollerbading.

Check out the teaser for the edit here!

Out Of The City: Dan Millar

On Thursday, Dan sent me a message to skate Spin skatepark for Friday. I haven’t been skating so much lately, I’ve been having difficulty finding time to skate, so I jumped at the occasion.  Kevin Lapierre picked us up at the metro station on the South Shore and we got to Spin, in the Quartier 10-30.

After skating for a bit Dan got bored with skating the small stuff and went full speed at this bank to ledge, with a nice pool style cement coping on it. After a couple tries he laced a long Topsoul and cruised away from it with perfect style.


Dropping In: Tanya Nestoruk

Tanya came into the city after doing a crazy motorcycle trip to cali, then eventually got a van and drove all the way up to Montreal, I might be mistaken, but she said her entire journey was around 18,000 KM. I’m kinda jealous because I never experienced such a voyage like that.

After coming to Montreal she sent me a message asking when the crew would be able to skate. Thursday night Dan asked me if I would be up to skate Spin skatepark, 10 KM outside of Montreal, I was down and I invited everyone to come out. Tanya was down for the session and she learned a new trick in the bowl, an Acid, doing it flawlessly.